At Femaco, we offer numerous surface treatment techniques such as printing, pad printing, powder coating, wet painting and EMI-shielding.


With our Mimaki UV flatbed printer, we can print logos, images or other graphics on surfaces. The prints are also weatherproof and durable. For non-flat elements, we offer pad printing (through our sister organization V coat) whereby printing can be done on slightly curved elements.

Maximum width:

3100 mm

Maximum thickness material:

50 mm

Maximum resolution:

1200 dpi


Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, stickers,...


From wet coating to powder coating to pad printing. To this end, we work closely with our sister organization, V coat, which is part of the same group. With our professional and modern coating facilities and subject specialists, you can come to us for quality work, both in large and small series. Multi-layer, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, soft-touch finish? We offer a solution for every application or product.

Maximum plate size:

3000mm x 1500mm


Stainless steel, Inox, Aluminum

Our machinery

  • Wet paint installations
  • Powder coating installations


EMI Shielding stands for the protection of electronic devices from external electromagnetic interference.

Electrically conductive coatings are a quick and easy way to shield electronic devices housed in non-conductive enclosures. Applying a copper or nickel lacquer to the inside of the enclosures not only provides a conductive shield but also prevents electrostatic charging. Again, we cooperate with our sister organization, V coat, which is part of the same group of companies.

FEMACO has a lot of experience building made to measure solutions and parts.

We combine highly skilled staff with a high-end, modern machine park, which makes us a fast, reliable and flexible partner/subcontractor.

We can process all kinds of metal and are specialised in small series (prototyping).

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