Femaco has several fast and efficient milling and turning machines, for both smaller runs and higher volumes. Complex parts can be produced in series with a minimum of setup time.

Turning and milling

Femaco has several milling and turning machines. Based on your design, we will work with you to determine which machine is most suitable for the desired end product. Our new Mazak turning center with integrated spindle motor is fast and efficient and is interesting for both smaller runs and higher volumes. With minimal setup time, complex pieces can be serialized.

Maximum RPM:

1200 per minute

Maximum power:

11 kW

Displacement X-axis:

500 mm

Displacement Y-axis:

1000 mm

Displacement Z axis

485 mm


Stainless steel, aluminum, copper,...


Femaco has several milling and turning machines and specializes in machining on copper bars and ingots. Through our specialized and automated machinery, we can quickly and competently produce small and large series.

FEMACO has a lot of experience building made to measure solutions and parts.

We combine highly skilled staff with a high-end, modern machine park, which makes us a fast, reliable and flexible partner/subcontractor.

We can process all kinds of metal and are specialised in small series (prototyping).

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