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FEMACO has a lot of experience building made to measure solutions and parts.

We combine highly skilled staff with a high-end, modern machine park, which makes us a fast, reliable and flexible partner/subcontractor.

We can process all kinds of metal and are specialised in small series (prototyping).

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One stop shop

Bending, cutting, painting and coating. With our professional and modern installations you are at the right place for qualitative work. In accordance with the sector standards and specifications. For small or large series.

Guaranteed quality

Quality starts from the smallest part, to the largest, finished component. By putting quality first at every step of the process, we ensure a finished product that excels in both performance and reliability.

Wide range of services

Whether your project requires cutting and bending capabilities, pure laser or laser hybrid welding. We propose our competencies individuality or in combination depending on the projects requests. We offer a solution for every application or product.

Full service

We offer a wide range of logistic services. Fast pick-up and delivery of your products, packing activities but also simple assembly handlings are part of our possibilities.

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Femaco NV

Metal processing

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